Summer News 2017

Hello and welcome to a new and exciting summer schedule!  This year the Miramar Royale is really making some impressive changes and painting has already begun. This summer is going to be a great for the community and the building, as we spruce up the place and make some of those necessary updates and upgrades! As always if you have any questions, at any time, for any reason, you can reach the office manager during normal operating hours, simply by dialing 1-772-229-3673


Summer Projects

First Floor: The elevators are going to be updated. The lobby, social room reading room, hall to the pool and card room are going to be painted.

Pool: Pool will be closed for 4 weeks Sept 5-29th to be resurfaced. You will be able to use Miramar II’ pool.

Bike Room: Please label your bike, bikes not identified will be moved. Contact office, if you need assistance.

Finished Projects:

  • Pergolas have been sealed.
  • Ground floor shutters have been prepared for hurricane season.
  • Trash room was painted.

In addition to the changes we are making to the building there are a few things that have been updated as well for our Office Team. These small changes will allow the staff to process and approve your requests that much sooner!

E-Mail: We will be sending out notices and information via email to save money to those owners who have email. Items will be mailed to those not receiving email. So be sure to sign up for our newsletter down below or just send an email to the Office to ensure you’re added to the group.

New Forms:

  • Architectural Change form — to be filled out when you wish to make changes to your unit. Please get a copy from the office or you can download and print one yourself directly from here. All Architectural changes MUST be approved by the board.
  • Resolution Release form — to be filled out to sell your unit.

On a side-note, please be sure that these few items below are followed.  These few items provide better security and helps keep our home safe for everyone.

New AC Replacement Requirements — (For your protection) Please, make sure your AC company is aware of these requirements for replacing and existing AC Unit.  The following must be done:

  • AC unit must be put on an 16-18″ stand
  • AC unit needs a pan underneath it
  • Hoses need to be braided

Unit Security: Make sure you have someone monitor your unit when you are not here. Give the office the name & contact number of your caretaker in case of emergency.

Service Workers: Please make sure you inform your workers the hours are 8:30-4:00, Monday – Friday and to park in the designated areas. You need to inform the office if you want them allowed into your unit when you are not there. (They will NOT be let in without prior authorization.)

Oh! and just a few more items that we need to make public.

Rules: Reminder, Glass containers are NOT permitted in the pool area. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere in the building or pool area.

Release of Information: The condominium publishes a list of unit owners with addresses and phone numbers that is given to other owners upon request. If you do not wish to have this information published, please let the office know.

Reminder: Guest are not allowed pets in the condominium.

In addition to all this great news we also have some new friends and neighbors at the Miramar Royale. Welcome!

New Owners: A warm welcome to our new owners: James & Deborah Farnsworth, Kevin Canavan & Barbara Kane, Charles Fishburn & Norma Reubert and Robert & Elvira Tynes.

Please, let the office know if you see anything that needs to be repaired, replaced or repainted in the common area. Your help is greatly appreciated. Ken’s weekly inspection schedule: grounds and roof on Monday, floors during the week.

Thanks for a great year everyone! Thanks for taking the time to do your part in our great building! Most of all, thanks to everyone for helping us make the Miramar Royale the great home it is.  We could not do it without you.