summers end

Wow, what a spectacular peak season we had this year. Unfortunately it is time for the snow birds to go back north and let the rest of us get reservations. lol.. Now, I know that I am fairly new to the area, but since I am now a fully licensed (tags and all) resident of Florida I think I am allowed to say this. It has been a long time since anything was written only because so much has been happening.

What has happened you ask? Well, Peak season.. Yeah… Lots of people, new renters, swimming not only in the pool but in the ocean, cookouts, theater, dinner at Pietro’s both on the ocean and on the river, many a night at Sailor’s Return, travel and just business as usual. The grounds here are clean and sparkling just like the ocean itself. We have a new fence around the garbage area as well. What a nice addition, as it keeps everything clean looking.

As much as we have enjoyed all our new neighbors and all the party’s at the Miramar Royale Condo. I just have to say that I will once again be happy to sit on my balcony and just watch the birds nose dive into the ocean to grab lunch. In fact, I might even walk down to Shuckers for a nice grilled caeser salad. Yeah, that is exactly what I am going to do. So for all of you living up north or all those who have left us or even those thinking of staying here. I leave you with the picture above. I hope it makes you miss us, because truthfully we miss you all too.