At the Miramar Royale we are continuing to provide upgrades enhancing our community. Recently, we upgraded our WIFI so that access would be simple and secure, yet support the latest in wireless technology. At this time, the Miramar Royale is offering GUEST access to our wireless network that not only supports wireless B, G and N but also now includes wireless AC. For those of you whom have updated devices this enables a crisp clean FAST signal supporting superior speeds.

Connecting could not be simpler. To gain access just find the “Miramar Royale Guest” access point in your WIFI’s drop down list and click connect. That’s it! You’re connected! Be aware this access point is superior in speed to the other access points listed in your WIFI drop down list pertaining to the Miramar Royale. In addition to speed this also provides a farther reach into the pool spa area. We hope that we can double that reach in the near future to include the Upper Deck so you can surf while you grill!

Also, if you decide that you would like to expand your own personal network with wireless AC you might want to consider Open Mesh and CloudTrax

If you have any questions about this or future projects at the Miramar Royale feel free to stop by the office.