Good morning everyone. Once we get a little more information we will update this post explaining what is going on at the Miramar Royale location on the barrier island / South Hutchinson. Once we have been given the all clear, sure that water and electric are on and that the building is safe, we will let everyone know you are most welcome to return.

At this time the bridges are not open yet to Hutchinson Island so please do not just drive around and please continue to listen to the news on TV about being out on the road. In addition, please wait for the EOC to give the all clear.

October 7 – UPDATES will be provided here once they become available.

  • 9:00am EST – Bridges Still Closed, return not possible yet.
  • 9:04am EST – Water service restored. BOIL ALERT IN EFFECT
  • 9:30am EST – Hutchinson Island bridges are NOW OPEN. Do not return until you are sure your building is officially open.
  • 9:45am EST – Check of internal cameras has verified that power is operational to the building.
  • 10:12am EST – EOC gives all clear. Still waiting to see if building is open for return
  • 10:27am ESTJohn G has provided information that Bill Kelly (our President) is en route to building. Tom LaCroix says “building is in great shape” and will reset the elevators.
  • 12:00pm EST – Come on home everyone!  Please be sure to return your carts quickly so that everyone can unpack.

We want to thank everyone that pitched in to help. We are also grateful that everyone remained healthy and most importantly ALIVE!  It’s going to take a few days to get back to normal, but we will manage as we always do.  Please keep in mind that it is still windy here and please be careful when and “IF” you should open your shutters.  For any and all questions please contact the main office.  If we are not there, then please leave a message and we will promptly get back to you.