Note: This is not intended to be a complete list of condo rules, but simply a summary of recent problems. (The “FULL” rules follow these tips below)

Please do not prop open outside doors or the beach access gate. If you encounter such a situation, please close the door yourself.


Help prevent water problems:
The master water valve must be shut off in all units which are unoccupied for longer than 48 hours. If you need help, the maintenance staff or any board member will assist you.

We have had problems with kitchen drain backups. Please place as much garbage as possible (especially grease) into plastic bags into the garbage chute, minimizing the quantity fed through the garbage disposal.

Effective 9/28/01, only metal jacketed washing machine supply lines are permitted in the building. A broken hose, especially if undetected for several hours, can result in major damage.


Common Courtesy:
Please do not use the car rinse from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM (this is a noise issue for the 02 and 03 stacks)

Even “quiet” sliding glass doors can sound like a railroad train in the unit below. Please keep your doors lubricated and remember that a slowly opened door makes a lot less noise than one which is flung open.

Please avoid wash water discharge from your balcony onto those below. A good time to wash your balcony is during a rainstorm while water is running from the drains anyway.

Please return shopping carts promptly to the storage room.


Trash disposal:
Please, no boxes into the trash chute (its amazing the problems a weekend blockage can cause). All boxes should be broken down and taken to the trash room.

Box packing should go into plastic bags into the trash chute.

Please crush large plastic containers before disposing of them, especially in season when our bins fill up rapidly.


Please remember that, in your absence, contractors will not be given keys to your unit unless the office has prior written authorization.

Please ask your renters and guests to check in with the office on arrival.

Please notify the office 24 hours in advance of all deliveries.

Please make certain the office is informed of your current mail delivery address.


Last But Not Least:
For a full “Condo Compliance” document please click the link below:
Condo Rules and Regulations