Miramar Fall Newsletter

Welcome to our first online Informational Newsletter, but not our last! Since this is our first, please excuse the lack of intimacy and accept this as a more functional and informational newsletter. In the future we will bring you more discussions and involvement throughout the community. We might even have a he said she said, or maybe some pictures of all our events throughout the year past and present. However, for now please enjoy the information below and thanks to everyone for doing their part in making the Miramar Royale the best place to live!

Who What Where?

  • Do you have a “caretaker” who looks after your unit while you are NOT here? The Board asks that you share his/her name and contact info with us so in case of an emergency we know who else to contact.
  • Attention all dog owners that they need to let you do your “business” out by the A1A sidewalk and not on condo grounds. Also, let them know that as much as you like the beach, you are not allowed on it OR in the pool area.
  • Please, read the condo rules on the use of the pool area and share with your guest.
  • The focal point to our building security are the locked entry ways. It is required that ALL doors must be closed & locked in order to provide that function. This includes gates to the pool area and the beach-access gate. Please make sure they are always locked. If YOU see a door propped open please be sure to UN-PROP it.  THIS IS OUR ONLY SECURITY!!
  • When you have a service contractor make a call at your unit, please make sure that they understand our time rules: from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday. Weekend work is not allowed, unless it is an emergency.
  • Service/contractors’ vehicles must be parked at the northeast end of the parking lot. It is the owners’ responsibility to make them aware of this rule. A sign has been placed in the driveway as a reminder.
  • Remember to provide YOUR service workers with keys for temporary access to the building while working here.
  • All owners are reminded that minor non-structural changes to your unit must first be approved by the board. There is a form that needs to be completed and submitted. Any change that would in any way alter structural support for the building is prohibited.
  • No wall coverings of any kind are permitted on your balcony. The balcony can be retiled only after it has been coated with a concrete sealer approved by the Board.
  • It is suggested that owners change their air conditioner filters on a regular basis.
  • Please be sure to turn off the grill gas at the cylinder and CLEAN THE GRILL.
  • Please remember that no storage is permitted anywhere outside of storage lockers.
  • A reminder to check your hot water heater, they usually last 18-12 years.
  • Be proactive in protecting our condo and place a moisture alarm by your water heater and a/c. (Detectors may be purchased from the office for $15.00.) If you already have one be sure to check its batteries.
  • If you find a water leak in your unit please alert the office, as soon as possible.  If the leak originates in your unit, turn off water immediately and leave off until repaired.
  • Remember to turn off the main water valve when leaving overnight or longer. Don’t forget to turn off the water heater breaker switch, too.
  • Please check that the air conditioner drain is open and water can flow through it.
  • GREASE build-up in our building’s sewer lines continues to be a challenge! Please make sure when using your sink’s garbage disposal that NO GREASE gets poured down the drain. We suggest a small can marked “grease” be kept in your freezer to hold your waste oil, bacon fat, etc. Also, avoid placing celery, carrots, onions and other fibrous foods, as well as egg shells, in the disposal unit.
  • The “single stream” recycling bin in the northeast corner of the parking lot is working well. Please remember to FLATTEN ALL CARDBOARD BOXES before throwing them into the RECYCLING bin…it really saves space.  Please, recyclable items only, no chairs, kitchen items, microwaves, old furniture, etc. Yes, we have seen them in the bin!
  • Please refer to the Pool Rules as you enter the pool area. These rules are mandated by the state of FL Health Dept. NO glass, food or drinks within 4’ of the pool. Also, footwear and cover-ups are required and please dry off before entering the elevator. Remind your tenants/guests to please comply.
  • We’d like to recognize our newest owners and welcome them: Unit 302, Charles & Jacquelyn Nunes, Unit 604, Donna Granuzzo, Unit1602, Walter & Wendy Surdam and Unit PH4. Also, a welcome to our new yearly renters: unit 303, Richard Thrasher & Marjorie Bentley.
  • Bentley, Unit 1402, 


  • Garages Rewired
  • Concrete repair on garages
  • Garage door releases fixed
  • Various unit balconies had concrete repairs
  • Portico pavers pressure cleaned and sealed
  • Dune walk cleaned & sealed
  • Pool/spa area cleaned and re-stained
  • Dune dead vegetation & weeds removed, new plants put in
  • Front wall cleaned and will be repainted
  • Front walks & entrance cleaned and walls stained
  • Sea grapes trimmed
  • Lobby floor cleaned polished

Thank you and we hope you all had a great SUMMER!

Please contact us know if you see something that needs repair, replacement or repainting.