Miramar Royale’s Major Projects List – 2014
Items Description Added Completed Comments
Replace domestic water pumps 12/13 5/14 Completed
Replace and repair lighting rods 12/13 3/14 Completed
Cooling towers supports fix 1/14 1/15 Completed
Clean and trim POA parking area 2/14 3/14 Completed
Repair cooling tower connections 10/14 1/15 Completed
Replacing pergolas or paint 2/14 12/14 Completed
Stain Pool and Spa Deck 5/14 9/14 Completed
Water seal dune walk 5/14 9/14 Completed
Parking lot repair and reseal 5/14 8/14 Completed
Replace security system 5/14 8/14 Completed
Garage door rust repair 2/14 Agreement in progress
Paint Roof 11/14 In House – Fall
Rust proof roof blowers 5/14 1/15 Completed
AC Connection, hoses and valves 5/14 7/14 3rd stack, hoses and valves completed
Remove dead vegitation dunes 6/14 Scheduled for March 2015
Choose different landscaping company 5/14 7/14 Completed
Clean roof on dune shelter 6/14 7/14 Completed
Sand and reseal front doors 6/14 6/14 Completed
Clean and Polish lobby floors Annually 10/15 On-Going
Concrete repair pool area wall 10/14 Bid Requests
Miramar Royale’s Major Projects List – 2015
2015 Major Projects Completed Added Completed Comments
Remove and replace pergola tops Completed
Repair pergola supports Completed
Repair concrete on East pool wall Completed
Clean and stain pool/spa deck Completed
Clean and paint pool walls Completed
Clean cooling tower Completed
Add filter to stack 5 AC Completed
Replace water pump controls Completed
Replace front entry board Completed
Replace garage door panels Completed
Redo electric in all garages Completed
Clean decaying dune vegetation Completed
Replace dune vegitation and sod some areas Completed
Add palm trees along inside of front wall Completed
Install lights on front wall palm trees Completed
Major maintenance on roof/hall AC unit Completed
Replace cooling tower supports Completed
Rust proof roof blowers Completed
Seal the dune walkway Completed
Sand and seal front doors Completed
Repair garage roof and East soffit Completed
Maintenance on cooling tower pumps Completed
Polish the lobby floor Completed
Miramar Royale’s Major Projects List – FUTURE
Future Projects Added Completed Comments
Resurface pool and redo tile $23-30,000
Elevator Interiors $30-35,000
Elevator retrofit $250,000
Parking Lot Re-pave $55-65,000
Rehab Parking Lot Lights $8,000
Upgrade WIFI 1st floor and pool area $1,000
Replace hall lights with LED fixtures $3,200
Replace parking lot lights with LED $8,000
Replace front doors $$$